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For over 40 years, the Achurch family has been involved in the signage industry, with my great grandfather being the first to be intrigued with the concept of neon lights. He introduced his son to the sign game and the began making neon signs and illuminated signs in the 1950's known back then as "Achurch Signs", the company grew & they soon discovered that more people were needed to keep up with demand and at this stage my grandfathers 3 sons all decided to join the family business and with the added skills they brought with them the company became one of the largest sign companies in NSW.


National Australia Bank signage

Although business was good, they decided that the name Achurch Signs gave the perception of a sign writing company so they quickly registered the company name Achurch Neon to insure that the public was aware that they were manufacturing neon and illuminated signs as their main focus in the sign industry.


One of the before mentioned sons was my father and following in tradition I began working in the business, after completing my high school certificate almost 30 years ago back in 1978. Since then there have been a number of changes but the family based tradition still continues with the company currently having 3 generations of Achurch men actively working with the business.


Thrifty car rental signageThe company was renamed to Achurch Neonworks in 2002 as a conscious move to depict the changes within the company. Although neon signage is an integral part of our company we have adapted to the modern trends and available technology and introduced a vast range of signage products, we are now able to manufacture in house to suit every bodies requirements be it vinyl decals, digital prints, banners, fabricated letters, light boxes, large pylons, neon or corporate signage. You name it we do it and we do it better!!


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